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CALLING all canal and river based businesses in the UK! Yes this means You! If you are a Pub, Hotel, Marina, Boat Yard, Boat Hire, Boating Holiday Company, Boat Broker, Media Company, Website or any other floating business or Canal supplier that relies on the rivers and canal network to make a living (coal and diesel suppliers), then you need to read this!

Canal Radio UK is offering all canal based businesses no matter how big or small you are, the chance to get your business heard with a professional 15 to 30 second radio imaging commercial.

We have a number of very affordable packages starting from as little as £150 (for 15 second commercial) which will include (for a limited time only) four (4) Ad spots per day, 7 days a week for 3 months. 30 second commercials are slightly more expensive (£200). You can choose from over 30 different professional British male and female voiceover artists. Please discuss your requirements with us, we also offer a scripting service if you cant come up with a script. 

This commercial Ad offer is a promotional special and expires on 30th March 2021. After that date the slots will cost you £1 per day or £30 per month for a minimum contract of 3 months. Typically you can expect to pay £150 (for the commercial) + £90 for 3 months of advertising = £240 from January 1st 2021. Hurry and get your Ad ordered now and save £90 for 3 months advertising.

For more information about all our commercial radio imaging packages please click the chat bot now or email our Station Manager via the contact us page.

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Contact our Advertising Team today and get your business logo in this prime ad space. You can reach us at the email address below or by clicking on our Contact Us page.