The GOOGLE Nest Mini Gen2

Google has upgraded its smallest smart speaker so it's louder and now has a good sense of bass. It has Google Assistant built-in, so you can ask the voice assistant to play Canal Radio UK and other streaming services such as Tunein, Spotify and YouTube Music (this service even let you do this if you only have the free version – not something other smart speakers offer), as well as searching the internet and controlling your smart home devices. The speaker lets you make calls to anyone using the free Google Duo app, too. It's also covered in fabric made from recycled plastic bottles, so it's environmentally friendly and looks really neat

The Google Nest Mini Gen 2 is easy to setup. Simply plug it in and let it search for your home router. Once its connected, download the Google 'Home' App from you favourite app store and go through the setup process.

Once your Nest Mini Gen 2 is setup, try saying 'Hey Google, play Canal Radio UK on Tunein' and watch what happens! Freaky huh? :) Now you have Canal Radio UK playing like a normal radio station in your room.

The Google Nest Mini retails for around £24.95 each and you can have up to 5 devices spread around your home or narrowboat, all connected to your router and streaming music like surround sound.

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