CRUK - Hardware System Requirements

Internet radio stations are just that. They are audio streaming services that can only be heard via the internet using a media streaming device, or app. Everything in the studio is the same as a normal FM radio station until the broadcast part. Instead of the audio being fed into an FM amplifier and high powered antenna, the audio is either uploaded to an automated DJ application on a web streaming server or, in the case of our LIVE shows, it is streamed direct from the radio station studio to a streaming server. Either way you, the listener connects to the streaming server via a number of software and hardware devices. The most common access is via our stations website. On there you will find a media player which you simply click the play button and the audio starts feeding to your audio output on your mobile phone, tablet, laptop or PC and nowdays even smart TV's. There are also a number of huge Internet Radio Streaming sites where our station is listed on, such as TuneIn.com, myTuner and many more. Our station for example uses TuneIn.com and myTuner.com as a streaming service, offering our listeners the option of connecting direct or via a device that has Android or iOS as the operating system. Once you have connected to us the stations output will stream to your audio device at 128kbs and in stereo. Unfortunately if you are on a limited data streaming service with a cap, this will eat into your monthly data limit and you should be aware of that. The best way to avoid that is by opting for an unlimited broadband service from your ISP. There are many to choose from in the UK. 

TuneIn.com is a software app that is available on almost 99% of Android devices. It's free and once loaded you can search the radio stations for Canal Radio UK and you will find our station. Listen to us on the move with your mobile phone or tablet, or listen to us via your smart TV connected to the Internet.

My Tuner Radio is another app that is available on the Play Store for Android.  You can listen to thousands of radio stations including Canal Radio UK by simply searching for the station you want to listen to.

Radio.Garden is a non-profit Dutch radio and digital research project developed from 2013 to 2016, by the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision. Its ingenius design allows the user to circle the globe like in Google earth and select a green dot which is a functional radio station. A great radio station service provider. 

HARDWARE - As mentioned above the most common way to listen to CRUK is with a PC, laptop, Pad or smart phone. In 2021 technology has advance sufficiently to include other smart devices such as Google Mesh Mini, Amazon Echo and a number of Sonos speaker products. In fact any smart speaker that is capable of connecting to Amazon Alexa or Google Home (Assistant). Check out our recommended Devices in the left menu for more details on which hardware device to use to listen to our staion.

These are our recomended ways to listen to Canal Radio UK. See which category you fit in and choose which best fits your situation.

LISTENING ON A PC - A 'PC' can be either a desktop computer, or a laptop. To fully appreciate our station you will need a fairly modern computer with at least Windows 10 operating system or Mac computer/laptop using iOS 10.15 or higher. A minumum of 4Gb RAM and either Safari or Google Chrome web browser. We found issues with Internet Explorer so please don't use that if youdon't have to.

LISTENING ON A PAD - There are may types of Pads out there today but the main ones we have developed our website for are Android Pads and iPads. Again make sure you have the latests operating system installed and use Google Chrome to launch our site.

LISTENING ON A PORTABLE DEVICE - If this is you then you need to be connected to the Internet via a 3G or 4G network (mobile phones) and depending on which ISP you have and the data package you chose you may be very limited to how much data you can use. It doesnt matter what data pack you have just be aware that listening to us will use some of your monthly allocated data. Most mobile ISP's offer up to 200Gbs a month which is more than enough to listen to us all day, every day if you wanted to. 

RADIO STATIO APP - in 2021, CRUK will be launching it's free radio station app which will be available on the Play Store and Apple App Store. This app will be for mobile phones and feature a single button press to turn on the music stream. It will be the most favoured option to listen to our station frpm mobile devices. 

Canal Radio UK
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Recomended Devices:
Google Echo Dot Gen2
Amazon Echo Dot Gen 4
Sonos One
Sonos Move
Bose 700 Headphones (with BlueTooth)
Smart Mobile Phone
Windows or Apple Laptop
Desktop Computer with Google Chrome