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Canal Radio UK is an independent radio station that is not bound by big commercial radio playlists. We plan and create playlists from the heart. Our DJ's are professionals in their own fields of music entertainment and each of our planned playlists are created with a mixed genre in mind. Our target audiences are the young and old. We like to play a range of songs from the 60's to today. Other station will tell you that can't be done, you have to stick to a certain genre. Well the folks at Canal Radio UK have been mixing it up for Internet radio since 2011 and we know what works.

Why not give us a listen and see what you think? Just when you think you've heard enough out pops a tune you havent heard in ages, and another.. and another. Thats why our playlists work! A song for everyone.

Winter 2021 Week Day Programing

Our day begins with music to get you fired up and moving as you prepare your day on the waterways. This playlist caters for both young and old with a cool mix of modern day hits and a dash of previous century classics.
Our standard working song list. World hits from the last century all mixed to keep your busy day going. The tracks date back as far as the late 60’s and most haven’t been heard of in decades, but you will remember them! Great memories!
Talented artists from around the globe are screened by DJ Pete and playlisted for airtime from 5-6pm on The Best Of Indie. Listen to the songs and artists that are independent and free from the chains of corporate music companies and radio networks. These are, the very best Indie music tracks available!
It’s as good as a dinner recipe, a bit of this, a splash of that, mix it all up and presto! Enjoy!
The Veteran DJ Pete has programmed this one. If you are a Rock fan then this is your time to turn it up! He’s got classic rock, alternative rock, hard rock and a twist of metal all thrown into the mix.
Time to wind it back. It’s the love playlist. Classic ballads from way back to warm up the heart and help you to wind down. An epic journey down memory lane.
Can’t sleep? No worries, the CRUK Chillout Zone DJ has programmed some of the best Laid back Lounge music on the planet. Relax and let the music sweep you away to another dream world.
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