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All Radio Stations new and old need sponsorship. Radio Stations cannot survive on their own steam.

With most radio stations funding to run the station comes in the form of sponsorship and advertising.

Canal Radio UK focuses on the canals and waterways of Great Britain as its targeted advertising and income generation area, and is therefore a great form of advertising for businesses that use the waterways and canals to make a living. Our advertising revenue stream comes from this source which has an estimated demographic of 650,000 people in 2019.

All radio stations need branding to make them unique in a very competitive market place. But branding alone doesnt make a radio station unique, it also needs household brand names as sponsors. Although we are small and may not deserve the luxury of big brand names we still need your support as sponsors.

Canal Radio UK is on a 5-year marketing plan with our goal to be the number 1 listened to station on the canals by 2025. We have a 3 year business plan in place whereby we need signed sponsors by 2023. We have varying forms of sponsorship available from station sponsors (1-3 year terms), event and show sponsors (per event or show) and prize sponsors, companies that are affiliated to the inland waterways community and are willing to donate prizes (cash or products) for competitions and events run by Canal Radio UK.

If you are interested in joing the Canal Radio UK family please send our station manager, Pete Unstead an email expressing your interest in the station.

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