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  • cruising the cut

    Cruising The Cut

    177K Subscribers - Cruising The Cut is a video blog by a man who sold up, quit his job and bought a narrowboat then went cruising around the UK canal network. It features life on board, beautiful scenery and places to visit plus tips and tricks.  view channel
  • foxes afloat

    Foxes Afloat

    84K Subscribers - Join ex radio presenter Colin and partner Shaun as they travel the UK’s rivers and canals in their narrowboat Silver Fox'.  view channel
  • robbie cumming

    Narrowboat Experience

    36K Subscribers - We are Annamarie and Kath - we live and work on board our 57ft narrowboat full time. We share lots of cat videos, our life afloat, plus tips and tricks for surviving life off grid.  view channel
  • floating our boat

    Floating Our Boat

    18k Subscribers - We’ve had a complete lifestyle change. Downsized and bought a canal narrowboat to explore Britain's inland waterways view channel
  • minimal list

    Minimal List

    18K Subscribers - Michael & Jo started their journey on the canals in May 2016. A new chapter on their world tour.  view channel
  • well deck dairies

    Well Deck Dairies

    17K Subscribers - This is Mark and Debs. After becoming disillusioned with modern day life they decided to sell their house, close the business and move onboard a narrowboat and become continuous cruisers on the UK's inland waterways and canals. view channel
  • boating on a budget

    Boating On A Budget

    5K Subscribers - Follow Peter & Dawn on their journey as they go 'Boating On A Budget'. They purchased a 1977 narrowboat in need of FULL restoration. See how they get on with the project and how they take to living aboard. view channel
  • negatively bouyant

    Negatively Bouyant

    2K Subscribers - Join them on their journey. Its all about buying, owning and running a narrowboat in the UK.  view channel
  • boatman benjemin

    Boatman Benjamin

    690 Subscribers - Boatman Bejamin is a video vlog about a very talented musician living on the canals.  view channel

Top 5 Vloggers

david jones
Cruising The Cut - 177K subscribers
dave jones
Foxes Afloat - 84K subscribers
Minimal List
Narrowboat Experience - 36K subscribers
fran and richard
Floating Our Boat - 18K subscribers
minimal list
Minimal List - 18K subscribers
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