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Canal Radio UK is an independent radio station that is not bound by big commercial radio playlists. We plan and create playlists from the heart. Our DJ's are professionals in their own fields of music entertainment and each of our planned playlists are created with a mixed genre in mind. Our target audiences are the young and old. We like to play a range of songs from the 60's to today. Other station will tell you that can't be done, you have to stick to a certain genre. Well the folks at Canal Radio UK have been mixing it up for Internet radio since 2011 and we know what works.

Why not give us a listen and see what you think? Just when you think you've heard enough out pops a tune you havent heard in ages, and another.. and another. Thats why our playlists work! A song for everyone.

2021 Weekend Show Guide

Start the weekend in style with DJ Pete's 'Friday Night Live'. Alternating between The World Of Classic Rock, The Best Of Indie or one of Pete's Classic Hits shows you will always be guaranteed of a good time. These shows are LIVE from 9pm in the studio which means listener participation is nominal.
Alternating with DJ Pete is Mike Brown and his 2-hour club and party show, Nothing But The 90's. This show is a good kick start to the weekend with popular party tracks and club anthems that will take you back to the nineties. A great gig for dance parties. Show starts at 9pm sharp.
Paul Baker is a very talented DJ and he is mister Saturday on CRUK bringing you not one, but two shows on a Saturday. The first at 8am Saturday morning is The Mystery Top 40. A one hour show where Paul counts down songs from a mystery year. Can you guess which year it is?
Gaz and CJ from the UK band Vix20 bring you their very own Alternate music show the Vix Essentials every second Saturday night at 7pm. It's one hour of of talk, banter and a lot of great UK bands! Definately worth a listen.
Paul is back at 8pm Saturday for Paul Baker On The Radio, a two hour mixed genre party show with some interesting facts and fiction.
Time to wind it back. Steve Hart from New Zealand presents his smooth jazz show Just Jazz. A one hour chill out session at 11pm to take you through to midnight. Canal Radio UK shuts down at midnight and you can cruise through to 6am listening to more smooth jazz and soft lounge music.
Andy Henly is ready to meet you when you wake up on Sundays with Big Ones and New Ones every Sunday at 8am. This two hour show is feature rich with music facts and a great mix of new and old tracks guarenteed to ease you into your Sunday.
It's the big one! Staffords World is a 3 hour show brought to you by UK presenter Mark Stafford. Starting at 7pm Mark plays tracks all the way back to the 50's and brings you back to the modern day with lot's of interesting songs and music facts about the bands and artists stretching back 70 years. That's it for the weekend, hope you enjoy our shows!
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