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The World Of Classic Rock
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Staffords World
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Big Ones & New Ones
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Vinyl Impressions
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Paul Baker On The Radio
with paul baker
Nothing But The Nineties
With Mike Brown
Back To The Arena
With DC the DJ
We Wish You a Merry Christmas
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36th Americas Cup
LIVE coverage from New Zealand
The Best Of Indie
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Welcome to our online radio station

Canal Radio UK is the only online music radio station dedicated to serving the community of the inland waterways of Great Britain. We target a huge listener base across the UK and around 7% of our total listeners are from other areas of the world such as the USA, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and parts of Europe. Our target audience are everyday people with an interest in canal boats and river cruising around the UK as well as the waterways community of businesses and liveaboards.

The radio station is very unique in that it is an internet based radio station with the operations team and DJ's spread out across the UK working from specialised mobile and home studios. We have 7 well known online DJ Presenters who are constantly releasing new shows on a weekly basis. Our finely tuned playlists are streaming 24/7 from this website and via TuneIn.com and MyTuner.com so if you are a TuneIn or myTuner listener, just search Canal Radio UK and start listening to us!

We would like to extend a warm and special welcome to our visitors from CanalsOnline Magazine and hope you enjoy what the station has to offer!

Canal Radio UK delivers great radio entertainment in the form of music shows, a 24/7 playlist so you can listen 24 hours a day, talk radio, canal podcasts, inland waterways news and information.

Canal Radio UK is licensed under the PRS license agreement with a Limited Online Music Licence. This is an annual licence that covers the communication to the public and associated mechanical rights (Excluding synchronisation rights accept for the sectors detailed in the license) of their members' repertoires through digital services and Internet streaming.

We are a privately owned independent radio station and we are not affiliated to any radio network in the UK so we play what we want to, and not what we are programmed to play by the 'network'. Plus, our advertising packages for businesses are much cheaper than any other conventional radio station as we don't have huge overheads to pay for. So why not give us a listen! Head to our Listen Now page and click the play button. We hope you enjoy the music!

Latest News

2nd December, 2020
The Canals Online Magazine has just launched its Winter 2020/21 edition of the online magazine and Canal Radio UK is featured in an editorial in this latest release. Please go to their link below and read about our station and other great articles and stories about life on the Canals of England, Wales and Scotland. CanalsOnline Magazine are an official sponsor of Canal Radio UK.

Read the editorial in CanalsOnline Magazine

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